Free Webinar: The New Standard in Ultrasonic Flow Measurement
FLUXUS F/G831 – Specifically Designed for Process Control Applications in Hazardous Areas

September 23rd, 2021 9 am and 4pm CET

Are you able to measure the standard volumetric flow or mass flow without any process interruption in hazardous environments?

Flow applications in the oil & gas and the chemical industry are often located in hazardous areas where exposure to potential gases is anticipated. As a result, instrumentation used in these environments needs to not only comply with hazardous location standards but also ensure that any potential for electrical issues is minimised and avoided at all costs.

FLEXIM’s new hazardous location flow meter – FLUXUS F/G831 – checks all the boxes!

In our free live webinar, we will give you a brief introduction into the FLEXIM's ultrasonic technology and explain:

  • Key features of FLUXUS F/G831,
  • Standard volumetric flow and mass compensation with intrinsically safe process inputs,
  • Steam measurement in hazardous environments.

Choose your preferred time to join our live webinar on September 23rd, 2021 and get to know the cutting-edge flow measurement technology for hazardous areas.

We are looking forward to your participation!